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THE OMEY DASH TRIATHLON 2013 Saturday 27th July 8)

The Omey Dash Triathlon - a serious triathlon for serious athletes - takes place again on the Aughrus Peninsula for the third year running, on Saturday 27th July.



This year, the Omey Dash takes place totally under the aegis of TRIATHLON IRELAND, the umbrella body for all thoroughly organised and supervised triathlons in this country. This means that 

- Registration is being handled by Triathlon Ireland (click HERE to register)

- The course, and all of the management and safety arrangements, have

  been approved and are overseen by Triathlon Ireland

- The course staff, in every aspect of the event, have received rigorous

  training from that body

- Race times and placings will be recorded in accordance with Triathlon

  Ireland's well-tested principles and procedures; and they will be

  available for all, right after the race, on the Triathlon Ireland website.



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