Streamstown Drift Dive - Clifden ecoBeach Campsite

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Where does this Drift Dive take place?- Clifden ecoBeach Campsite Streamstown Bay, a narrow inlet near Clifden, Co Galway. Scubadive West plan Drift Dives at Streamstown around Spring Tide dates. Divers drift dive on a filling tide all the time supported with boat cover. This drift dive proves hugely popular time and "tide" again with the current running up to approximately 5 knots! This is a dive designed for adrenaline junkies! Check out this video!

Clifden ecoBeach wins 'Save Our Planet' eco-award

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ecoCampsite wins "Save Our Planet Award 2014", 'Environmentally Responsible Business'. Thanks to Roz Kelly from Eco Active Ireland for nominating us. And of course to you! A big, big thanks to all of you guys for your fantastic kind support & magical responses.

We wouldn't be here if it wasn't for you. It really means a lot to us!

Thank You! smile emoticon

Clifden ecoBeach has been nominated for an eco-award. Our selection is a late entry so your kind support in acknowledging our sustainable approach in Agri-tourism would be greatly appreciated. Please share via social media etc. & vote through this link. Thanks Kris & Tatjana :)…/

Ecotourism on the Wild Atlantic Way

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Ecotourism on the Wild Atlantic Way:)

Ecotourism on the Wild Atlantic Way - We are delighted to be listed on '150 Secrets of the Wild Atlantic Way'.....Go where the locals go!


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Flanders holiday Bill Barberis Ireland Tina Maerevoet

"Lovely to immerse ourselves! Under the catchy Irish culture and nature," as summarized Home -acteurs Tina Maerevoet and Bill Barberis their 1200-kilometer road trip along the Wild Atlantic Way together. With a caravan in tow and lots of enthusiasm they explore the winding west coast of Ireland, and immediately the coastal route described longest in the world.


Part 1: From Croagh Patrick to Roundstone

Tina and Bill immediately start strong: with the ascent of Croagh Patrick, a 764 meter high pilgrimage that is visited by one million people. Reaching the top represents the Irish equivalent to getting rid of their sins and brings them very close to Saint Patrick.


Sin Pretty Tina and Bill put the first kilometers with the caravan to the south where they find that the rugged coastline is the ideal place to do about it. Coasteering This adventure sport is a mix of swimming, climbing, scrambling and cliffdiven and pushes immediately especially Tina its borders. The caravan is installed on an eco-camping in Clifden with stunning views of the coast and a private beach. The perfect setting to toast to a successful start of their adventure.


The next day the horse to Omey Island where there is a lot of history to get. Chip and Popeye prove the perfect companions to take to the island that is only accessible at low tide with. More history to find Tina and Bill in Kylemore Abbey, a beautiful place to hold during the road trip. Equally halt


Further on the Wild Atlantic Way is Roundstone, a village with a picturesque harbor from which John, fisherman at heart, the duo takes to fish and catch lobster. A delicious booty that is tasted and approved immediately on the site.




The Wild Atlantic Way is the longest coastal route described in the world and runs all the way from the north of Donegal to the south of Cork.


There is an incredible amount of experience during this road trip, so do certainly already swept away to the rugged west of Ireland



Mobicar 2014

From Saturday 11 to Sunday, October 19th, you can visit in Brussels Expo Mobicar. This salon will let you get acquainted with caravans and motor homes, the latest gadgets and practical tips. Of course you can also ask your questions if you want to take a trip. Caravan


All info on


Any info about Ireland can be found on the website of Tourism Ireland




* Clifden Eco Beach Camping & Caravanning Park


Make sure you stop once during the road trip along the Wild Atlantic Way on this site. She is a 10-minute drive from the center of Clifden, right on the Atlantic Ocean. Therefore, in different places, you have a breathtaking view of the water and also has a private beach camping where you can swim. The immediate area is also ideal to go driftdiven.


On the camp site ecology is central and it shows in everything. The spots are all quite natural given, you can make use of its own spring water, every effort is made to keep your carbon footprint. Minimized while traveling But that does not mean that you can enjoy on the site. Less comfort There is free wifi, clean showers and a kitchen where everything is available.


Address: Leagaun, Claddaghduff Road, Clifden (County Galway), Ireland

Tel:+353 954 40 36 or +353 87 126 76 87




* Croagh Patrick


This mountain of 764 meters high, has long been a place of pilgrimage and is climbed by one million people annually. That ascent of 2-3 hours would free you from your sins, after all.


On Reek Sunday, the last Sunday of July, thousands of people gather at the mountain to bring. Climbing to a successful conclusion Some even barefoot ... We recommend itself off, because the mountain is so steep in places that you really need shoes with good grip. Afterwards you can at the foot of Croagh Patrick a recuperative drink Guinness in Campbell's Pub.


Address: Murrisk, Ireland

Tel:+353 98 640 00


* Connemara Seaweed Bath


With a magnificent view of Killary Harbour, Ireland's only fjord, you can enjoy a zeewierbad. An hour long have you been in the healing seaweed was picked that morning in the fjord. For a total experience you may first relax in the sauna and steam follows the zeewierbad a refreshing cold shower. The ideal relaxation after a day of action on the Wild Atlantic Way full. Per bath you pay € 25.


Address: Clifden Road, Leenane, Ireland

Tel:+353 95 410 54


* Kylemore Abbey


Not only the beautiful location of Kylemore Abbey makes it worth a visit, also the history of it is called. Certainly interesting Since 1920 can be found in the abbey an order of Benedictine sisters who for years have run a reputable school. Now the students gone, but you can still always see the sisters at work.


Be sure to visit once the walled garden or take a brisk walk in this beautiful setting. You can visit the abbey with a guide to get the full story. Note Sister Noreen also tells you like the history of the school. Also the garden or walking around the abbey can do accompanied by guides. Fun is also to enjoy tea and freshly baked scones with homemade jam. To the walled garden


You can visit Kylemore Abbey every day between 9 am and 18h, 7 days a week. Admission is € 13, you certainly have to look at group discounts. Guided tours of the abbey itself there every day at 11h30, 13h and 15h.


Address: Kylemore, Connemara, County Galway, Ireland

Tel:+353 95 520 01


* Omey island with Cleggan Beach Riding Centre


Omey Island is an island off the coast of Clifden, you can only reach at low tide. The best way to visit is definitely on the back of a Connemara pony. That way you can see the whole island and you get there the enthusiastic explanation of Siobhan at. She has two passions: horses and enjoy the environment in which she lives. The ideal combination for a trip of 3 hours to Omey Island. Naturally, shorter rides also possible.


Do not panic if you, like Tina and Bill, have no driving experience. Siobhan fits the whole trip at the level of the group that will last. Both experienced riders and beginners it ensures the right horse and all the equipment.


Address: The Masters House, Cleggan, County Galway, Ireland

Tel:+353 95 447 46 or +353 83 388 81 35


* Coasteering with Real Adventures


Coasteering is a relatively new sport that is becoming more popular in the UK, Europe and therefore Ireland. It is an adventurous mix of swimming, climbing, scrambling and cliff diving where the west coast of Ireland is really perfect to borrow. Along with Clare and Stevie you can no less than five different locations along the Wild Atlantic Way discover the rugged coast in a unique way. Three times a day can you use Real Adventures on the road: between 10am and 12.30, 14.30 and 17h or 18h and 20h30. The only thing you need to provide is a towel, shorts, shoes that can get wet and sense of adventure.

More fancy surfing, kayaking, rock climbing or snorkeling? That can also Real Adventures.


The price of coasteering really depends on the size of the group with which you book (estimate: between € 35 and € 45 per person). Of course you can also join another group. Be sure to check the website or send an email to Clare for all detailed information.


Address: Clifden, Connemara, County Galway, Ireland

Tel:+353 85 146 25 26


* Lobster fishing


Roundstone is really a village that is worth a stop. It is very cozy and has a picturesque harbor where fishermen still go out every day looking for mackerel and lobster. John O'Sullivan happy to take you on his boat to catch spotting seals on the road and you demonstrate on the water. Incredible setting the lobsters The trip takes about 3 hours and costs € 75 per person. As John works with one of the finest hotels in the neighborhood, you best contact them for more info.


Address: Ballynahinch Castle Hotel, Recess, Connemara, County Galway, Ireland

Tel:+353 95 310 06


Book tip


* Insight Guide Ireland


The signs of the Wild Atlantic Way show you the way during your road trip in Ireland. But still want some more background information on all the places you visit? Then the Insight Guide Ireland the perfect guide to take with you.


ISBN: 9781780052069


Camping in Clifden Campsite Clifden Connemara Galway

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Clifden ecoCampsite Eliminates Single Use Bottled Water

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Recognizing the negative environmental & socal impacts of bottled water, Clifden ecoCampsite has undertaken several efforts to reduce consumption of single use bottled water on our park. Prior to arrival visitors are encouraged not to import water to the park as there is an excellent quality supply available onsite as well as sustainable discounted water bottles for purchase. Clifden ecoCampsite has banned single use bottled water containers. The change was inspired by the necessary beach clean ups required every other day, the efforts involved in recycling the plastic on site & the health implications of drinking water from plastic bottles. There are numerous environmental concerns with bottled water the production and consumption of bottled water consumes energy, pollutes the environment, and contributes to global warming. Producing the plastic bottles uses energy and emits toxic chemicals. Transporting the bottled water across hundreds or thousands of miles spews carbon dioxide into the air, complicating our efforts to combat global climate change. And in the end, empty bottles are piling up in landfills. Bottled water also has significant social implications for communities. Not only does bottled water contribute to a global lack of drinking water, it also causes local inaccessibility to water. In privatizing water, bottling corporations limit access to an essential resource that many believe should always be public..

Festival Of the Sea 2013

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We are delighted to able to announce details of the PROGRAMME FOR THE 2013 CLEGGAN-CLADDAGHDUFF FESTIVAL OF THE SEA!

The Council/Committee have been working hard to produce a diverse programme of events, which closely reflects the 2012 programme. Some of the details may have to change; whenever we hear of a change, we will update the details on this site.8)

Omey Dash - Clifden ecoCampsite

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THE OMEY DASH TRIATHLON 2013 Saturday 27th July 8)

The Omey Dash Triathlon - a serious triathlon for serious athletes - takes place again on the Aughrus Peninsula for the third year running, on Saturday 27th July.

This year, the Omey Dash takes place totally under the aegis of TRIATHLON IRELAND, the umbrella body for all thoroughly organised and supervised triathlons in this country. This means that

- Registration is being handled by Triathlon Ireland (click HERE to register)

- The course, and all of the management and safety arrangements, have

been approved and are overseen by Triathlon Ireland

- The course staff, in every aspect of the event, have received rigorous

training from that body

- Race times and placings will be recorded in accordance with Triathlon

Ireland's well-tested principles and procedures; and they will be

available for all, right after the race, on the Triathlon Ireland website.         

Connquest Connemara Clifden Camping Accommodation

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Connquest is a 25K Adventure Race with trail run, bike ride, proper assault course & sumo wrestlers. At any time during the race you will be faced with various challenges such as archery, beam walking, paint ball and a few surprises. Successfully completed challenges will allow you direct passage, fail and you will incur a 100 meter penalty loop. So it's a test of skill and fitness. The race starts and finishes in Letterfrack and passes Kylemore Abbey along the way. This race is suitable for all abilities. The race is centred around Letterfrack, so you can arrive on the morning of the race, sign-on then leave your bike in the bike transition area and get ready to race