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ISO Quality Approved Spring Water - Fresh & Crystal Clear . Extracted from our sources beneath protected organic sand bearing soil & its FREE!


Our ecoCampsite boasts an excellent private supply of ISO quality approved, crystal clear, sterlized, spring water. Extracted from our sources beneath protected organic sand bearing soil & delivered fresh on demand to all fixtures throughout.

Monitoring of our water is in accordance with the international standard ISO/IEC 17025:2005 2nd Edition & all water samples are independently obtained by an environmental health officer. To date, all water sampled & tested in accordance with ISO standards has established a proven track record of Zero contamination! Clifden ecoCampsite is commited to the preservation of this aquifer. We have employed the sevices of an environmental hydrogeologist & completed  a comprehensive aquifer assessment. Inner source (SI) & outer source (SO) protection zones of this outstanding natural H20 resource are protected.

Clifden ecoCampsite Eliminates Single Use Plastic Bottled Water

Recognizing the negative environmental & socal impacts of bottled water, Clifden ecoCampsite has undertaken several efforts to reduce consumption of single use bottled water on our park. Prior to arrival visitors are encouraged not to import water to the park as there is an excellent quality supply available onsite as well as sustainable discounted water bottles for purchase. Clifden ecoCampsite has banned single use bottled water containers. The change was inspired by the necessary beach clean ups required every other day, the efforts involved in recycling the plastic on site & the health implications of drinking water from plastic bottles. There are numerous environmental concerns with bottled water: the production and consumption of bottled water consumes energy, pollutes the environment, and contributes to global warming. Producing the plastic bottles uses energy and emits toxic chemicals. Transporting the bottled water across hundreds or thousands of miles spews carbon dioxide into the air, complicating our efforts to combat global climate change. And in the end, empty bottles are piling up in landfills. Bottled water also has significant social implications for communities. Not only does bottled water contribute to a global lack of drinking water, it also causes local inaccessibility to water. In privatizing water, bottling corporations limit access to an essential resource that many believe should always be public.

No need to bring water to our eco-campsite  :)

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